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Welcome to Sea to Sky Stables Inc.

A unique ATV riding experience in the beautiful Sea to Sky Country.
In the wondrous Tantalus Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Come ATV with us on a Squamish Backcountry Adventure in BC Canada.

Our ATV tours are of a four hour duration and are designed for the novice and intermediate rider. We limit our ATV tours to a maximum of 10 participants (5 drivers, 5 passengers). This enables our guides to provide you with personalized attention. Our guides are all backcountry friendly and we love to answer your questions. Our knowledge and respect for the environment puts you, our guests, in the best of hands. Our ATV’s are all state of the art and very easy to drive. With just a few minutes of instruction our knowledgeable guides will have you driving like a pro. For those who don’t wish to drive there is a comfortable rear seat for one passenger.

Your comfort and safety is our #1 concern. For this reason our ATV tours are not a race. You will be required to ride safely at reasonable speeds and to abide by the instructions of your guide.

What to bring: A Camera!! You’ll want to take all your memories home. We recommend hiking boots or sturdy shoes, long pants & a light jacket. Spring or Fall you may wish to bring a heavy jacket & ski gloves. We will provide the following gear: helmet, goggles, full raingear as required and light gloves.

Our operating areas afford our guests magnificent views of a mountainous westcoast rainforest. As the seasons change, mother nature puts her stamp on the land.

Spring: In the early spring our tours must skirt the receding snows of winter. All that melting snow means abundant water-falls, roaring creeks and swollen rivers. This is a great season for wildlife viewing. Black bear sightings are common. Other wildlife in the area include deer, moose, cougar, bobcat, a few grizzly bear and lots of birds and little “critters”.

Summer: Warm summer days bring out the lush greenery of the area. Lazy summer days make for great photo ops and a relaxed paced tour.

Fall: This is a very special time of year. The salmon are returning to the rivers of their birth. Their death struggle to spawn will bring the majestic bald eagle in great numbers to the Squamish Valley. Brackendale, where our tour begins is known as the winter home of the Bald Eagle. On January 9, 1994 Squamish had a world record count of 3769 eagles. Your tour will cover approx. 45 kms. and yes we go rain or shine. Sunny days are great for taking pictures but puddle jumping makes rainy days lots of fun too.

The cost of your tour includes the following: ATV & fuel, guide, riding gear, binoculars, a light lunch with juice and lots of bottled water.

ATV Operating Season: April 1 – November 30

June 1- Sept. 30: Four hour morning or afternoon tour.
Morning tour:
Guests assemble 8:15 a.m. Tour departs 8:45 a.m.
Afternoon tour:
Guests assemble 2:30 p.m. Tour departs 3:00 p.m.

April, May, Oct., Nov: One four hour midday tour.
Guests assemble 10:30 a.m. Tour departs 11:00 a.m.

Custom and Corporate:
Subject to availability we offer custom designed tours of a longer duration in our licensed area. These tours can be custom designed to suit individuals, couples, groups or corporations.

Are you a more experienced off-roader?
-We offer more challenging trips for experienced ATVer’s. These trips are subject to availability and must be requested when booking.

You may book your ATV adventure here.

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